13. Climate Action

ArBolivia provides a wide range of social and environmental benefits, including the sequestration of carbon.  A high level of certification is combined with compelling life stories of our families, and all within an exotic, vibrant environment.  This makes ArBolivia an ideal project through which to mitigate your carbon footprint and to convey your organisation’s key values.



The range of activities carried out within the ArBolivia project also lends itself to linking your offsetting to specific activities that resonate with your brand or products – for  example a chocolate company may wish to link to our sustainable cocoa plantations, a fast food chain may wish to support pasture improvement, whilst a water company may prefer to support our work on flood control.

However, we ask that our partners are committed to reducing their own emissions before purchasing offsets and are also prepared to pay a premium to help ArBolivia achieve its wider social and environmental objectives.  Within this context you can become a partner in one of three ways – as a direct buyer, as a reseller or as an affiliate.

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ArBolivia offers premium carbon credits.  Our trees generate emissions reductions which have been verified under both the Plan Vivo Standard (Phase 1) and the Gold Standard for the Global Goals(Phase 2)


The Plan Vivo Foundation has certified the project in recognition of the extent of its involvement with local communities and its focus on growing native species.


ArBolivia was only the second Land Use project in the world to be verified by the Gold Standard Foundation, which is widely recognised as having one of the most robust carbon accounting criteria in the world, together with rigorous additional social and environmental standards.

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Tree Planting Sponsorship

Trees only store their carbon gradually over several decades, but it is our farmers who need your financial support, not their trees.

In fact most of them will probably be either retired or dead by the time their trees are fully grown!


It is much fairer to pay for your carbon offsetting as new trees are planted rather than when all their carbon has been stored.

For any buyers worried that our trees rather than our farmers may not survive long enough to  achieve all the emissions reductions they have paid for, we have a very simple remedy. We can back up our own certificates with equal credits from another non-forestry project, in which the reductions have already been achieved and the costs of achieving them are usually much, much lower.

In this way you can enjoy the kudos of your association with a prestige project together with the comfort of knowing that your offset itself is not at any risk.

In addition, this helps us and our farmers to increase the area of new forests we create and also enables us to achieve valuable economies of scale.

Organisations and individuals can buy our credits direct from The Cochabamba Project or vias one of our establsihed resellers.  You can also enter into a  tree sponsorship programme that links you with specific projects within the overall ArBolivia Project.

Organisations wishing to offer a tree growing/carbon offsetting scheme to their own members/customers can also join our affiliate scheme.

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