The ArBolivia Project provides multiple opportunities for individuals and organisations to contribute towards solutions to climate change and poverty

The Project

The main cause of deforestation in the Bolivian Amazon is poverty.  This forces poor farmers to fell prime rainforest to survive.  The ArBolivia Project provides a real alternative by offering a true partnership between social investors from the developed world  and poor subsistence  farmer and their families in Bolivia. By committing to pay our farmers to plant and maintain their trees, the society removes any “market risk” associated with any “carbon market”, in line with Bolivian law.

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SDG Impacts

We seek partners, who want more than just cheap carbon offsets but want to work with us towards achieving the broader Sustainable Development Goals and are prepared to finance our work in advance. The project offers  certification of its broader SDG impacts  that are achieved as a result of the work carried out for our sponsors  under either the Gold Standard or the Plan Vivo  Standard, as part of its holistic Forest and Land Use interventions.

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$million Revenues

Projected timber revenues total $127 million over the full project term if we can expand the area under commercial management to 2693 hectares.


Tonnes Carbon

We estimate that the project will sequester 621,000 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime, equal to the annual carbon footprint of 30,000 UK households


$ Per Farmer

Each Bolivian farmer will receive a projected $89,000 over the lifetime of the project - enough to make a big difference to their lives and that of their families


Hectares Trees

The project works with 10 native hardwood tree species distributed amongst 1430 hectares of commercial plantations